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Mouse Commands

Frame Commands

  • Left Button

    Select and raise the window. On the window frame, resize the window.

  • Right Button

    When dragged, moves the window. When clicked, displays the context menu.

Title Bar Commands

  • Any Button Drag

    Move the window.

  • Alt + Left Button

    Lower the window.

  • Left Button Double Click

    Maximize/Restore the window.

  • Middle Button Double Click

    Rollup/Unroll the window.

The Ctrl key can be used together with a mouse button to prevent a window from being raised to the top of the stack.

Taskbar commands

  • Left Button Click

    Activate the workspace with the window and raise the window. Toggles the minimized/active state of the window.

  • Shift + Left Button Click

    Move window to current workspace. This only works when windows from all workspaces are shown on the taskbar all the time.

  • Control + Left Button Click

    Minimize/restore the window.

  • Middle Button Click

    Toggle raised/lowered state of the window.

  • Shift + Middle Button Click

    Add the window to the current workspace.

  • Control + Middle Button Click

    Lower the window.

  • Right Button Click

    Display a context menu.

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