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Command Line Options

icewm supports the following options:

-d, --display=NAME
NAME of the X server to use.

Client id to use when contacting session manager.

Synchronize X11 commands.

-c, --config=FILE
Load preferences from FILE.

-t, --theme=FILE
Load theme from FILE.

Print preferences after all processing.

-V, --version
Prints version information and exits.

-h, --help
Prints this usage screen and exits.

Replace an existing window manager.

-r, --restart
Tell the running icewm to restart itself.

Print the compile time configuration.

Print the configuration directories.

-l, --list-themes
Print a list of all available themes.

The restart option can be used to reload the IceWM configuration after modifications. It is the preferred way to restart IceWM from the command line or in scripts. To load a different theme from the command line, combine this with the --theme=NAME option like:

icewm -r -t CrystalBlue

The theme name will then be saved to the ‘theme’ configuration file, before restarting IceWM.

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