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Menus and Toolbar (updated 2018-05-06)

Within the menu configuration file you can configure which programs are to appear in the root/start menu.

Submenus can be created with:

menu "title" icon_name {
# contained items
menufile "title" icon_name filename
menuprog "title" icon_name program arguments
menuprogreload "title" icon_name timeout program arguments
include filename
includeprog program arguments

Menus can be populated with submenus and with program entries as explained below for the program configuration file. Comments start with a #-sign.

The menufile directive creates a submenu with a title and an icon, while menuprog and menuprogreload create a submenu with entries from the output of program arguments where the timeout of menuprogreload says to reload the submenu after the timeout expires. The include statement loads more configuration from the given filename, while includeprog runs program arguments to parse the output.


The toolbar configuration file is used to put programs as buttons on the taskbar. It uses the same syntax as the menu file.


Usually automatically generated menu configuration file of installed programs. The programs file should be automatically generated by wmconfig (Redhat), menu (Debian), or icewm-menu-fdo.

Programs can be added using the following syntax:

prog "title" icon_name program_executable options

Restarting another window manager can be done using the restart program:

restart "title" icon_name program_executable options

icon_name can be - if icon is not wanted, or ! if the icon name shall be guessed by checking the command (i.e. the real executable file, following symlinks as needed).

The “runonce” keyword allows to launch an application only when no window has the WM_CLASS hint specified. Otherwise the first window having this class hint is mapped and raised. Syntax:

runonce "title" icon_name "res_name.res_class" program_executable options
runonce "title" icon_name "res_name" program_executable options
runonce "title" icon_name ".res_class" program_executable options

The class hint of an application window can be figured out by running

xprop WM_CLASS

Submenus can be added using the same keywords as the menu configuration file.

Only double quotes are interpreted by IceWM. IceWM doesn’t run the shell automatically, so you may have to do that.

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